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If you have suffered an injury, accident, or illness that has prevented you from going back to work, you might qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits. The SSDI and SSI programs were put in place to help people who are unable to work due to situations outside of their control and you deserve to get the award that is necessary to help you and your family in your time of need. At POAG law, we work hard to get our clients the SSDI awards that they need to care for themselves and their families after an accident or illness. Each of these kinds of cases is unique, and they all require unique care and attention to detail to secure the property SSDI or SSI benefit.

If you have never applied for these benefits before, you might not know the various rules, regulations, and requirements that must be met to qualify for these benefits. This is where the skilled team at POAG Disability Law can help!

We take pride in representing hundreds of SSDI cases a year, fighting for the right SSDI awards for our clients in their time of need. No matter which state you live in, we can help you to apply for the benefits that you deserve and eliminate wasted time due to application errors, incorrect documentation submissions, and confusion about your overall support needs.

SSDI and SSI cases can be complex and require an enormous attention to detail. Trying to take care of the application process on your own can feel daunting and you might not know how to provide the information necessary to secure specific kinds of care. You might only need financial support after your accident or illness, but if you need additional more customized care, you need to be able to fight for this as well. In-home support, ongoing therapies, and living arrangements suited for your condition can be awarded through these programs, but only if the right documentation is in place at the time of your application.

The team at POAG Disability Law has years of experience related to these kinds of cases and they know the ins and outs of SSDI and SSI rules, regulations, and requirements. No matter which state you live in, you will get the right support for your case to ensure that you get access to the necessary benefit award for your unique case. Being unable to care for yourself and your family is never an option, and the POAG team takes your case needs and process very seriously.

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FAQ's About Social Security Disability

The Social Security Administration offers two unique programs that you might be eligible for. Social security benefits of this kind can be accessed temporarily or might be necessary for the duration of someone’s life. There are various considerations that can impact your SSDI benefit award amount and you will find that navigating the process of applying for this support can be complicated. This is particularly true if you are injured and are not feeling up to fighting for the monthly benefits that you deserve.

To be eligible for SSDI benefits, a person must not be able to work due to a medically determined physical or mental impairment. This condition might be expected to result in death, or it might be expected to continue for a period of 12 months or longer. The benefits that you have access to and the award that is offered to you based on your condition are determined by a case manager at the Social Security Administration. Eligibility is also decided by the Social Security Administration.

There are two kinds of programs that you can access when you have been injured or become ill and cannot work. The expert team at POAG Disability Law will help you to present the information that is needed to determine which of the programs you qualify for and to help you to get the right award for your care and ongoing support requirements. Both of these programs can provide access to more than just monetary support each month depending on the severity of your illness or injury. There is no one-size-fits-all SSDI or SSI case, and having the right documentation and application details in place can make certain that you are not left without the support that you need.

This is the program that allows disabled people who have been working long enough, or recently enough, to access benefits through the “insured” program. This might not be the right program for you if you have never worked or have never had a spouse who worked. This is the most commonly accessed Social Security benefit, particularly when adults of working age need support after an injury or an illness.

This program is the Supplemental Social Security Income program and it is commonly used to support adults and children with disabilities who have access to limited income and resources. This is a much more common program to access if you have never had a job or if someone under the age of 18 requires support.

These programs are not used for the same purposes, but the medical qualifications are the same for both. Both application processes will require documents detailing your injury and ongoing medical care, as well as the expected duration of your condition. Current or recent work activities will be assessed as part of the application process, as well as age during the application process.

POAG Disability Law can provide support to you at the time of your application and the team can also offer guidance and legal advice during any alteration to your benefits plan related to new health conditions or changes in living and income situation. There are many details that go into the determination of the proper SSDI award, and POAG Disability Law’s expert team will make sure that no steps are missed. Getting the maximum SSDI award is always the goal, and POAG Disability Law takes this work very seriously. POAG Disability Law also believes in fairness, and if there is no recovery, you will not pay a fee for these services.

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Unlike benefits that are distributed by the VA, SSDI benefits are complex, and each case is handled uniquely. This means that you could easily end up with the wrong benefit award for your situation due to a lack of documentation, or confusion during the application process. If you have been denied disability benefits, or you are not sure how to proceed with the application process, an attorney can help you to sort out the details and seek the proper monthly benefit for your needs.

If you have recently been injured or have become ill, you might not know what the right next steps are. It can be easy to take a wait-and-see attitude about your condition, but this can lead to issues down the road when you are seeking SSDI benefits. Securing and providing the correct documentation regarding your condition is important and you might need help with the application process to ensure that no steps are missed. The SSDI benefits that you are awarded might be as simple as monetary income each month, but they can also include access to critical in-home care, necessary medical supplies, and more. You want to be sure that you get the support and guidance that you need as early as possible after your injury or illness to be certain that you will be able to care for yourself and your family.

Common reasons for SSDI denials are income that is too high, not being a US citizen, you are currently able to work or your medical condition might not have been assessed correctly. If you have had trouble connecting with the SSA office or you have missed your consult exam you could also be denied. Incorrectly filled out paperwork or missed questionnaires can also lead to denials. The team at POAG Disability Law can help you to correct common mistakes that might cause denials and make it possible to secure the benefits that you deserve.

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