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We represent clients in all 50 US states and are experts in disability law in each of them. You can trust us to represent your case with caring, attention to detail, and expertise.
Our team has more than twenty years of combined experience practicing disability law. There are few veterans and SSDI disability law groups with so much experience.
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If you need help with your disability case, Poag Law will work hard to secure you the maximum benefits that you deserve. You deserve these benefits and you should never be denied access to them. We take pride in serving veterans as well as disabled applicants in every state in the US. Our expert team has more than 20 years of combined experience in disability law and we use this expertise to secure positive outcomes for our clients.

We focus exclusively on disability law and social security disability law, which means that every single member of the team is an expert in the legal process for these kinds of cases. You will never have to wonder if we know what we are doing and you can trust us to take the time to look at every aspect of your case to be sure that you are not missing out on the disability that you are owed.

SSDI cases are not one-size-fits-all and we take on each case with the attitude that it is entirely unique to the client. You might not need the same benefits as someone else on SSDI, and we take the time to look at your specific needs carefully. Finding the right blend of support, medical care, and social security award takes time and attention to detail. We are proud to deliver this hard work on behalf of our clients every day. We know that you need to be receiving the right SSDI benefits to live comfortably and take care of your health every day.

We have worked on thousands of VA claims and we have created an effective and efficient process to help you to get the disability that you need. We know that your health and happiness depend upon this support and we take the process of securing the right disability benefits for each client very seriously. We help you to navigate the VA process and cut through the red tape. Without the disability award that you deserve, you and your family might go without the care and support that you need. We will never let any of our clients suffer without the full benefits award that they need.

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We specialize in veterans and social security disability cases

The VA benefits process can be complex and hard to navigate and we take the time to cut through the red tape to get you access to the benefits that you need to live a happy and fulfilling life. For clients who have need of support for their social security disability, we are able to help them get the support that they need for housing, medical care, and more.

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Veterans Disability

We will gather all the details related to your case and we will make sure that your intake process was or is handled correctly from start to finish. Our team will work hard to review your claims to see if any codes were missed or if information like medical records are missing and have led to denials. We know how hard it can be to get in touch with case managers and we can help you to promote prompt responses to your claims questions as well as adjustments to your diagnosis codes and medical information in your claim.

If you need our help with representation, we can provide this support and we offer compassionate fees for this work. Your VA claim needs to be handled correctly and adjusted properly if there are errors found to be present. We will take care of all of these necessary processes so that you can get the disability award that you deserve.  Learn more about our Veteran’s Law Practice

Social Security Insurance Disability (SSDI)

SSDI cases can be complex to work on since each case is truly unique. Not everyone needs access to the same benefits or the same kind of support. You might need more medical care than someone else, or maybe you need live-in support for your daily needs. We know that SSDI cases are not one-size-fits-all and we will never provide services that are not tailored for your unique case needs.

We are a premier SSDI benefits firm and our team knows its way around the unique laws and requirements of all fifty states. We will work hard to get you the Social Security Insurance Disability Award that you need to care for yourself and your loved ones properly. We stand behind our clients and put their needs first every time we investigate and present a case. We will work with care providers, medical entities, and the government to ensure that you get the right SSDI award for your needs.  Learn More about our SSDI and SSI Practice

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